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Before moving your application onto the Mainnet, it's good practice to make sure you're able to transact on the Devnet. If it's all working how you want, then let's get going!

Connecting to Mainnet

When you set up your Kinetic Client using one of our SDKs, you need to set your environment.

This can be either devnet or mainnet. For Production, you should choose mainnet.

For example, here's how it works with the TypeScript SDK:

const clientOptions = {
  environment: 'mainnet', // the name of your mainnet environment as defined in your Kinetic instance
  index: 1, // your App Index
  endpoint: '', // kinetic instance endpoint

const kineticClient = await KineticSdk.setup(clientOptions)

You'll notice in the example above, you have to pass in an endpoint when you set up the Kinetic Client.
This setting gives us some options in the ways we can connect to Kinetic on mainnet:


Configure Kinetic

Set your Environment Variables and use Kinetic Manager to configure and manage your Kinetic instance.

That's it!

What If I Get Stuck?

Pop into the Kinny Discord and we'll give you a hand.

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