About Kinny

Meet Kinny

Traveling the globe delivering tips across social media kinny is always looking to travel further and explore new places. Right now you can find Kinny on Twitter, Reddit and Discord with Telegram and other new frontiers to come.

Kinny is the unofficial mascot of the Kin cryptocurrency. Kinny enables you to send and receive Kin over social media, it’s as simple as making a post or replying to a tweet! Many people find the world of cryptocurrency intimidating and are understandably concerned about things like security. With the advent of the Kin Ecosystem the complex hi-tech world of cryptography and blockchain technology has been made simple and accessible to all.

What is Kin?

Kin is on track to be the most used cryptocurrency in the world, connecting users and applications in a fast growing ecosystem where you can earn and spend Kin. The journey to a not so distant future where thousands upon thousands of apps with millions upon millions of users interact in Kin fuelled experiences has already started.

Kin can be earned in Kin ecosystem apps and spent on anything including unlocking app features, making in-app purchases, purchasing digital goods and services and even purchasing gift cards. With Kinny you can earn Kin and send Kin to friends, family, businesses or whoever you want to.

How Kinny works

If someone has sent you a tip on social media; congratulations, you already have a Kinny Tip Wallet unique to your social media identity! Without doing anything you can use the Kin in your Tip Wallet to tip others by simply using the social media commands detailed further below.

But why stop there, by downloading the kinny app you can link your social media accounts and see your Tip Wallet balance and transactions as well as regularly earn Kin by doing the earn opportunities presented to you. It’s as simple as that to earn; spend and own cryptocurrency, all from your very own Kinny cryptocurrency wallet. Kinny is currently available for android devices in the Google Play Store, Kinny will be available soon on the App Store (iOS).

Using Kinny on social media

Twitter: @kinnytips" Reply: +amount @kinnytips" (User replied to gets the tip)
Example reply: “Epic! +10 @kinnytips"
Reddit: u/kinnytips Reply: +amount u/kinnytips (User replied to gets the tip) Example reply: “Perfect! +10 u/kinnytips”
Discord: @kinnytips" Post: /kinnytips @user"+amount Example: “Awesome! /kinnytips @user" 10" Note: Currently only available within the Kin Foundation Discord.
Telegram: Coming Soon

In the current beta version of Kinny, tips can only be sent in repiles on Twitter and Reddit. Kinny can currently be used on Discord solely on the Kin Foundation Server.

You can’t use decimals when tipping or transferring Kin, 1 Kin is the minimum tip amount.

Keeping your Kin safe

It is important that you have screen lock activated on your phone as Kinny remains logged in after first login. Screen Lock will keep access to your kinny app and the other information on your phone restricted to you. In the event you forget your logins you will be able to request a password reminder. Kinny utilises sms verification and is linked to your mobile number.

Kinny has two wallets the App Wallet and Tip Wallet, Kin earned in the app is paid into the App Wallet, you can transfer this Kin into the Tip Wallet to use for tipping or transferring over social media. Only the Kinny Tip Wallet has inherent backup designed into it, at the moment if you uninstall, delete the app data, try to set up a second device or change devices you will lose access to the Kin in your App Wallet. Kinny advises all users to transfer any Kin in the Kinny App wallet into the Kinny Tip wallet as this is the safest way to store your Kin. Transfers are made in the Kinny app with a couple clicks. A backup solution for the Kin App Wallet is being developed for future release by the Kin Foundation.

Where does the money come from?

Theres nothing for free right? So how can Kinny pay you Kin? Well you are valuable, your thoughts, opinions and time have value. There is a reason that the big social networking sites are worth eye watering amounts of money, its because they sell your information, your tastes, and your preferences to advertisers and corporations. Kinny facilitates surveys that you choose to engage with on your terms. The non-identifying information and attention you provide is paid for by advertisers. This pays for the Kin that Kinny pays on to you immediately after you have completed an earn opportunity.

iOS device users

We know it’s dissapointing that Kinny is only on Android for now but rest assured Kinny is on the case. Kinny for iOS is in development and will be released as soon as possible. Until the iOS app is ready you can still use Kinny to tip and recieve tips on social media. As you can only earn Kin in the Kinny app a member of the awesome Kinny community will need to tip you some of their hard earned Kin to get you started. Drop Kinny a hi on social media using #kinnytipme and the Kinny team or the community will get you started.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask any questions on social media or [email protected]