To Tip using Twitter, reply to a user or create a new tweet with the command:

+amount @kinnytips
Example Reply: jessicaalba You complete me. +100 @kinnytips


To Tip using Reddit, reply to a user with the command:

+amount u/kinnytips
Example Reply: Epic! +10 u/kinnytips


To Tip using Discord, reply to a user with the command:

/kinnytips @user"+amount
Example Reply: Awesome! /kinnytips @user" +10

*Note: Discord Tipping is only available within the official servers.

Kinny is on Twitter, Reddit and Discord with more platforms planned. Let us know on contact@kinny.io if you have any suggestions for where Kinny should go next.
When you register for Kinny with the app or directly through the website you will be able to link any of your Kinny enabled social handles to your account.
Kin was created by the social media company KiK with a fixed supply so no more can be created, Kin was designed to reward users and developers for the value they bring to the apps in the Kin Ecosystem. If you complete an earn activity the information and attention you provide is paid for by brands and advertisers. This pays for the Kin that Kinny pays on to you immediately after you have completed an activity.

Kin in your tipping wallet is linked to your registered Kinny account so if you lose your phone you can simply reassign your Kinny account to a new device

If you keep Kin in your app wallet be sure to use the backup option in the Kin marketplace in the app.

Follow the forgot password prompts in app and on the website which will guide you through the automated password reset process.
Contact support@kinny.io to request your username. You will need to supply verification information.
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