Meet Kinny

Kinny is the unofficial mascot of the Kin cryptocurrency. Kinny enables you to send and receive Kin over social media, it’s as simple as making a post or replying to a tweet. You can also earn Kin in the app through doing activities like surveys. Kinny is a gateway to a world of Kin Ecosystem apps when users are at the centre and Kin is used to make in app experiences better, much better.

Our Story

Kinny was started by a few Kin community members in response to the opportunity to build something great using Kin. They thought that the best way to introduce people to the awesome world of Kin was to meet them where they already were, and that place is social media. Since those early days, Kinny has flourished into a household name in the Kin Ecosystem, with an expert team building the Kinny of tomorrow and users from across the globe spending and earning Kin on a daily basis.